Footnote (1): ISOM2500 taken in Year 1 can be used to replace MATH2411 subject to formal application of “Deviation from Curriculum”. Yet since MATH2411 is the pre-requisite of a number of advanced statistics courses, students are recommended to take MATH2411 instead.
Footnote (2): The replacement course of COMP1021 is ISOM2010, but students may still consider taking COMP1021.
Footnote (3): The replacement course of FINA2203 is FINA2303.
Footnote (4): Although MGMT2010 is part of SBM Year 1 curriculum, it is not a required course for MAEC program. Credits earned can be counted towards free electives.

Footnote (5): COMP1022Q will no longer be offered with effect from Fall 2020-21.