Prospective students may apply for the MAEC program through direct choice in the JUPAS/Non-JUPAS admission scheme, or transfer from the regular Science/Business School programs after their first year of study. Admission is based on academic results and interview performance.

JUPAS-HKDSE Applicants

Applicants with HKDSE Examination results may apply for direct entry into the Mathematics and Economics (MAEC) Program by choosing the JUPAS program code JS5813.

Minimum Requirement:

Core SubjectsLevel Required
English Language4
Chinese Language3
Mathematics (Compulsory Module)3
Liberal Studies2
Elective Subjects
Elective 1:
One of: M1 / M2 / Biology / Physics / Chemistry / Combined Science / Economics
Elective 2:
One of: M1 / M2 / Any Category A subjects

JUPAS Score Calculation – Best 6 Subjects with Weighting:

English Languagex 2
Mathematics (Compulsory Module)x 2
Best Elective:
    M1 / M2; or
    Biology / Physics / Chemistry / CS / Economics

x 2
x 1.5

Next best 3 subjects:
     Any other subjects

x 1

Applicants with International Qualifications

In addition to fulfilling the University’s general admission requirements, applicants with international qualifications (e.g. IBDP, GCEAL, SAT) must have at least one senior level subject from: Mathematics / Biology / Chemistry / Physics


School-based Admission (via Science or Business School)

SSCI/SBM students (admitted in 2016-17 or later) who have fulfilled the following pre-requisite requirements may choose to major in MAEC during the major selection exercise after completing their Year One study.

 Courses and Grades Requirement

1. Completion of MATH1012/1013/1023 and MATH1014/1024

  •  At least one course obtained B- or above &
  •  Both courses obtained C+ or above


    Completion of MATH1020

  •  Obtained B- or above
  •  Placement test will be required for students who have got credit transfer for MATH1020

2. Completion of LANG1002 and LANG1003

  •  At least one course obtained C+ or above &
  •  Both courses obtained C- or above

3. Achieved CGA 3.0 or above