This is an interdisciplinary program jointly offered by the School of Science (SSCI) and the School of Business and Management (SBM). As the complexity and technical aspects of contemporary economic problems exhibit strong synergy between mathematics and economics, this joint program aims to provide students with solid training in the fundamental theories of both disciplines. The MAEC program is suited to students who are keen on acquiring a strong quantitative background in economics to work in the business and financial sectors, or who intend to pursue further study in applied mathematics, economics, or business-related areas such as finance and management science.


  • Unique undergraduate program in Hong Kong that combines modern economic theory with advanced mathematical skills, providing students an excellent foundation for a successful career in the business, finance, or public sectors. 
  • Broad-based education that stresses lifelong learning abilities; the balanced curriculum instills in students quantitative reasoning skills, conceptual understanding, and the ability to effectively communicate in mathematics and in the language of economics and social sciences.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Critically evaluate practical economic models and exercise sound economic judgment in applying mathematical and economic principles to achieve justifiable solutions and making effective decisions supported by analytical and quantitative techniques.
  • Communicate quantitative and economic concepts and methods effectively to a range of audiences, both in oral and written forms.
  • Be effective users of information technology and use statistical and econometrics software to deal with databases in conducting empirical analysis in business applications.
  • Understand the professional and ethical responsibility and have informed ethical thinking based on rigorous quantitative and economic analyses

Introduction to MAEC Program 

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