The BSc degree in Mathematics and Economics (MAEC) combines the studies of quantitative methods of mathematics and economics concepts to solve social science problems. There is a natural synergy between mathematics and economics, where mathematics provides the analytic methods from which sensible solutions can be derived for economics issues arising from daily life. Indeed, the in-depth understanding of economics concepts requires high level of mathematics.

By studying the two academic fields of mathematics and economics in one degree, the students develop a broader range of skills that span two specialist areas, thus providing a wider set of career choices and further studies opportunities. Jobs in the banking and finance industry in Hong Kong are promising for those who are capable of applying mathematical tools to make economic forecasts and analyze statistical data in the financial markets. Many of our MAEC graduates have joined top-ranked financial institutions and multinational consultancy firms. Also, MAEC graduates are equipped with sufficient academic preparation for entry into postgraduate degree programs in economics, financial mathematics, statistics, and other business-related fields. Our recent graduates have been admitted into PhD/Master's programs at world leading universities.

We would like to invite students with strong curiosity in applying mathematical analysis in the context of social and economic issues to join the MAEC Program and experience the rewarding and stimulating challenges offered by the curriculum.

Dr. Chi Man LEUNG

Director of BSc Mathematics and Economics Program
Lecturer of Mathematics

Professor Kam Wing SIU

Director of BSc Mathematics and Economics Program
Assistant Professor of Business Education